Working out

1. Time – The average workout is 1 hour long, by appointment. If it takes longer – it takes longer. Don’t be stressed out by the clock. If you’re in a rush just let us know and we’ll give you an express workout.

2. Warmup – Recommended 10-15 minutes prior to workout on our cardio machines.

3. Stretching – We will stretch you before and after every workout.

4. Bio-dynamic Testing – Bio-dynamic machine will give us the exact makeup of your body. More specifically, joint and ligament stabilization, hydration levels, neurological keel, lean body weight, body fat percentage, and an estimate of weight to lose.

5. Goals – Your goals are our goals. For women, we want to break down your hips, your butt, back of the arms, that pouch and anything specific you want to work. For me, we want to stabilize muscle tissue and decrease excess body fat.

6. Diet – After review of the Bio-dynamic testing we will set  a diet specifically for your body. We will give you the exact amount of protein, carbs and fat for each meal.

7. Weight Loss – People associate scale weight with fat weight. If the scale goes up 2lbs I must have gained 2lbs of fat. If the scale goes down 2lbs I must of lost 2lbs of fat. Usually its just water weight. Results may vary, but we target you to lose 1lb of fat per week and keep it off.

8. Reassessment – Reevaluations are done every 5 weeks on the Bio-dynamic machine. You’ll be looking and feeling better, but what happened internally to your body? Did I stabilize muscle tissue? Did I lose fat? Is my water intake good? Do I need to change the diet? All of these are questioned and will be answered as well as setting new goals.

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