Do I need an appointment?
Yes. Call 215-969-BODY. All training is by appointment. We are flexible with the daily changes and we know your outside life can change by the hour, just give us a call so we can accommodate.

Will my health insurance company reimburse me?
We are members of most health lifestyle programs. Call your insurance company, they’ll give you a pin number to login at Body Crafters. Once you login the required number of sessions required by your insurance company they will reimburse you directly. Most companies reimburse between $150-$300.

Will I see results?
Yes. We guarantee results in 4-6 weeks. We guarantee noticeable change in 3 months. Remember you didn’t get out of shape overnight and you won’t change over night. However we can change you and we will change you.

How long is a session?
The average session is 1 hour. The first time will be 1 1/2 hours on average so we can do a complete body analysis, diet, and set our goals. However you are on no time constraints. Don’t be stressed by the clock, if it takes longer then an hour it takes longer. If you need to get done quicker we’ll give you an accelerated workout.

How long has Body Crafters been in business?
Body Crafters was incorporated in PA in 1996. We own and operate our building at 9251 Roosevelt Blvd. in Philadelphia.

Are you certified?
Yes. We are members with ISSA (International Sports Science Association), ISMA (International Sports Medicine Association), etc. Exercise Nutrition. We have over 10 years experience.

Can I train on my own?
No. All appointments are scheduled with a trainer.

I never trained before. Will I feel comfortable?
No problem. We become you. If you’ve never trained we will ease you in so you can learn and get results.

I’m an athlete can you train me for my sport?
Absolutely! Our extensive background can accommodate any sport. We have cutting edge programs designed specifically for each individual. You’ll increase speed, strength, agility, and power.

I have back, shoulder or knee pain. Can you train me?
Absolutely! Again we will become your body. We will position the movement to be effective as well as pain free. We are a great post rehab facility. Body Crafters has a great relationship with local doctors in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas.


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